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Countryways Gundogs

Countryways Gundogs

Our dogs are companions for life, bred for temperament and trainability. The result of over 40 years of experience in producing some of the world’s top dogs, from pets to champions.


South Gloucestershire Council 5 Star Licensed Kennels

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Here at Countryways we don’t just specialise in dogs for shooting or shows we also produce some of the best and most loyal pets for the home. We are one of the UK leading licenced breeders because we take the time to give you our individual attention and service, whether you are an experienced dog owner or looking for your first puppy. We have the knowledge and experience to help guide you in making the best choice for your situation and requirements.

You will find a wealth of information on this site including explanations of some of the jargon used and we even feature many video’s and images to help you make an informed decision. But we are also always just a phone call away and happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our dogs are bred to be naturally subservient, loyal, easy to train with kind and loving temperaments giving you a lifelong companion, a friend in the field or a playmate for the family. Whatever your circumstance we can provide a dog that will be everything you hope for.

Dave & Andrea

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When my partner, his two children and I arrived at Countryways Gundogs, everyone but me was excited to be getting a dog! I was frightened of dogs, I didn’t want to touch one and definitely did not want to have a dog in the house. I was not a dog lover! I was quite happy to wait in the car whilst everyone went in and picked a dog, that was until David came out and said that if we were getting a dog, then all the family had to be part of the decision.

I reluctantly went inside his house but only as David promised his dogs wouldn’t jump up at me, wouldn’t bark and the kitchen didn’t smell of ‘dogs’. True to his word, all the dogs were extremely well behaved and their kitchen smelt no different to mine. Although I declined seeing the puppies (that was a step too far on my first outing!, I was happy to take ‘Blaze’, a one year old fully trained, out for a walk to see what it would feel like. As a family, we all thought an older, trained dog was better suited to us as we didn’t feel we had the time that a puppy would need and I might feel more comfortable.

A year later, Blaze is now part of our family and I cannot imagine my life without him in it. He has given me so much joy and fun. He is in the house, I love taking him for walks and absolutely love playing with him. I can’t thank David and Andrea enough for taking so much time in making sure we got the right dog for us. David did say to me that he could change my mind and I am delighted to say that he did – I am definitely a dog lover now!


Blaze – Labrador – Left
Rocky – Spaniel – Right

Just thought we would write to you and let you know how our pup Terry aka Clearmeadow Terence is getting on from Jake and Nikita’s litter born Dec 18.

He’s six months old now and is the perfect dog. He is so trainable and has passed his gundog puppy classes with flying colours.

He has a super temperament and adapts from gundog training to calmly walking next to the buggy with our toddler.

We also wanted to say thank you and how impressed we were with your hand over notes. We followed them religiously and it certainly paid off. Everyone comments on how well-behaved Terry is for a puppy!

Minna & Matt

Terry – Labrador

David, as you can see ruby has settled in very well already – she is just adorable (will be starting some serious work with her in a couple if weeks, but for now we are just making friends)

I know where to come for my next dog!!!!!

Many thanks

Rachael & Family

Ruby – Cocker Spaniel

I thought you might like to see some pictures of Fergus. We had him off you a week ago today. He is one of Peggy’s last litter and he is absolutely brilliant. He can already sit, stay, give paw and get in his bed when told. He has been off the lead from the day we got him and has fantastic recall. He was registered by you as Ferris. We couldn’t be more pleased with him! Hes the cleverest puppy I’ve owned and has been a delight to train x


Fergus – Spaniel

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