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Adapting well to the new surroundings. 22.06.23

Hello Dave and Andrea,

I hope your tennis excursion yesterday was fun and enjoyable. I was sorry to miss seeing you when I collected the new pup but Becky did a great job on handing him over.

He was peaceful in the car back to London where there was a major hosing out of the crate before we set off for Suffolk. A long day’s introduction to travel for him.

He had a generally peaceful night, after all that tiring travel and is adapting well to the new surroundings, comprising his Cousin Teddy, the Cat and his own private run on the lawn, complete with attendants to ensure his constant comfort. We have had no complaints so far. He is eating and drinking with regular later results.

The only problem so far is that he has not grasped the importance of sitting still for the camera (an antique tool used by old people who can’t understand a phone.)

This is my excuse for this so-far unillustrated report. 

Everybody who has met him or heard of him adores him (with slight misgivings in the case of the cat, but he is 18).

Further reports will be illustrated and regular.

Many grateful thanks for this delightful addition to our household.

Best Wishes,

Michael Welch