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FTCH Jocksburn Jock – Our newest & impressive lab, Tommy

Field Trial Champion Tommy is a major part of our kennels, being our only jet-black Labrador stud – both standing at stud and accompanying me on shoots. I have been looking for a long time to find a champion that would compliment our breed project. As you may know, FTW Oakleaf Bozo (Joe) – our top stud dog, is now 11 years old and we need something to compliment all the bitches we have by him.

I have known Tommy since he was very young, as owned by a very well-known, respected trainer in Scotland and we’ve fortunately had the opportunity to purchase Tommy this year as he is concentrating on his younger potential dogs.

We think Tommy has and will compliment all our breed lines and also your breed line as he is very, very well bred. Tommy has already sired numerous litters, which I believe to be large litters.

We have used him on several bitches ourselves, he is a very easy dog to mate being so kind and calm it creates a relaxed atmosphere for any anxious bitch, ideal for first time maiden bitches. If you would like to come and see Tommy, bring your bitch to see if she matches up to Tommy or any other stud in our kennels.

Tommy has sired over 60+ litters whilst being with us, and they have all turned into gorgeous, strong built pups. Siring an average of 6/7 pups in each litter, he has created some wonderful pups.

DATE OF BIRTH: 23/04/2014


  • HIP SCORE 3/3
  • ELBOWS 0
  • DNA – prd-PRA CLEAR
  • BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme CLEAR

Tommys stud fee is £750 and a four-generation pedigree plus all other relevant information will be provided. We complete a stud dog contract with you and require cash or bank transfer payment upon first mating. Pick of litter considered for suitable bitches and to be discussed during visit.

Call us on 07831 729684 or email to enquire about using Tommy at stud.

Tommy’s pups: