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He has turned out to be the best dog, now we’d like another! – 6/03/2023

Good even Dave,
Greetings to you from Patsy and John in Sun Valley, Idaho. In May of 2013 I picked up Milo’s son Countryways Moondust (Frankie) from you and brought him back to the USA with me. Frankie has turned out to be the best hunting dog, wilderness dog, and family dog we ever had or could ever have imagined. We can’t begin to count  the number of backpack trips, grouse hunts, hikes, trail runs, and cross country skis Frankie has shared with us. We liked him so much that six years ago we bred him to a bitch from Fife in Scotland and kept his best b/w dog  puppy. His puppy turned out almost as spectacular as Frankie. Frankie is ten now and is beginning to slow down. We are looking for another puppy for our family and hope you can again add immeasurably to our lives..

Thank you, Patsy and John