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He’s gonna be such a great little dog for us!

19/10/21: Just wanted to let you guys know that Neo is settling in well here. Thank you (& Rob) for helping us yesterday…. We are absolutely delighted with Neo-he’s being such a good boy…… 
Here’s a couple of photos-as you can see, he’s already making friends with our cat Lexi. We’ve had great success on the wee & poo front and also with the crate & his routine…. He’s gonna be such a great little dog for us! Please say thank you to David & Andy too. I may come up for some training (training for me, not Neo) ….will see how we get on! 

25/10/21: Neo continues to settle well. He has met with a few friends & family members-everyone is amazed how well he’s doing for such a young puppy. The cat is hilarious with him-she hasn’t hissed once & actively goads him to run with her in the garden-playfully patting him on the backside then leaping over him in play. I think you’re right, they’ll be great mates before long! 

Thanks again! Take care, Julie