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I honestly feel that Dex was our ‘meant-to-be’…

We had originally planned to get our first dog in a few years time, but our eldest daughter (7) started to become increasingly scared of dogs – even family dogs that she has known for years. For me it was a ‘now or never’ decision and it’s certainly one of the best we’ve made. The love has overtaken the fear and her confidence is showing around other dogs.
The training is going well. I’m focused on manners and calmness and Dex is a keen, eager-to-please dog. I know that my children will want to walk him and I have no doubt he’ll be a gentleman. The last few days we’ve been able to explore the fields and his recall has been brilliant (long may it continue please)! The hardest part is training the people around us!

I honestly feel that Dex was our ‘meant-to-be’, so a big thank you to you all!

Kindest regards, Emma