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Family Pets

While we may be perceived as being a breeder who specialises in working dogs it is easy to forget that these dogs also make some of the best pet breeds. They loyal nature, eagerness to please and the ease with which they can be trained makes them a perfect choice for any household.

Whether you are looking for your first dog or are an experienced dog owner, we welcome you to come and see our dogs and judge for yourself. Our dogs have been proven time and time again to make a quality addition to the home whatever your circumstance, from homes with small children to a gentle companion for an elderly relative.

We are always happy to chat about what may best suit your situation and lifestyle and answer any questions you may have as we feel it is vitial that you find the dog that is best for you. You can contact us without fear of being pressured as we allow our dogs to speak for themselves.

You can view any of the dogs we currently have available from the left menu from puppies to fully trained or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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