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Here at Countryways we have a large selection of training facilities and knowledge,offering facilities to suit your needs.
What can we offer you?
1- We offer one to one training,that is to say you come to us with your dog on a hourly basis,and myself or one of my team will teach you whatever you wish to do with your dog.
ie:We will teach you to work your dog,whether you wish to trial,shoot or beat or just have a well behaved dog.You do not even have to be a shooting person as we have taught many people,just to have a good companion.
2- Residential Training:
This means we will take your dog in,on a permanant basis,and take it to whatever level you require.
We first take the dog in for a months training assessment,then we talk to you about your dog,explain the weaknesses and the strengths,and any vices it has,and then we make a decision on the level of training it would take and the amount of time it will need to stay.Doing it this way means we do not end up training your dog for a long period of time at great expense to you,and then tell you it has a vice.
At the end of this period we will give you a hour or so lesson on how to handle your newly trained dog.Because we like to think the more knowledge and help we can give you the better chance the dog has of staying trained and for us to keep a good reputation.
3- International Training:
Over the past 20 years we have been training in many countries,including America,Africa,France,Hungary and we are probably the only gundog trainers to have taught in China and Russia.
The service we offer is we can come to your country and teach to a large training class or we will come to teach to just a few.
David has trained Retrievers,Spaniels,Cockers,HPRs and Pointers and trialed all of them,so he has a very broad knowledge not only in competition but as he shoots so often he understands the every day dog man.
4-VIP International Service
David has been head hunted for many famous and influential people,from all walks of life.
With this service we offer to come to you,whether you are in the UK or anywhere in the world and give you the personal touch.
This is where he will fly to you and give you the help that you need with your dog.Teaching you and your dog to reach the standard you require.
Obviously we cannot name our clients,but if you know David he has been all over the world.
David has no problem talking with the use of a translator.Most clients become very good friends
5- Buying a Dog Service:
When buying a dog of of David,he will offer to teach you how to handle it.If it is a fully trained dog,he will come with you if necessary to your first days shooting and teach you the finer points of handling and how to keep the dog trained.Most of these clients become quite good friends and because of Davids wide knowledge of field sports,he can help newcomers to the sport,even sometimes teaching them to shoot.We believe by helping on your first days shooting this will help you in the future and also keep the dog sound and my reputation intact.

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