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Seamless, professional and enjoyable experience..

Hi David, Andrea and Vicki
As we have had our new pup from Millie for just over a week I thought you may like a quick update on his progress.
We named him Mylo and he has really settled in to the family well. His toilet training is fantastic with very few accidents and he has kept his crate completely clean, he mainly does his business to command now after following your advice David. He seems very keen to learn and has already shown some great improvements in his sit/stay, recall and retrieve. Testament to his quality breading! 
We all want to thank you for providing a seamless, professional and enjoyable experience. It’s not been easy choosing a pup/breeder during the last year, however the way you kept us updated Vicki really helped to reassure  us, along with helping us to feel included in Mylo’s development. 
I will keep you all updated as his progress continues.
Many thanks again.